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Client Testimonials

Dear Andrew,

One seed can start a garden,

One smile can lift a spirit,

One candle can light a room,

One conversation can start a friendship.

One person can make all the difference - that one is you.

Dr. Pulczer,

We would like to thank you for everything you've done for Raptor and our family.

You are absolutely a kind and compassionate man.

We were lucky to have you during this horrific time for us and helping us get through it.

You're so wonderful.

Thank You.

Dr. Pulczer,

We are grateful for everything you did for Jamie.

It was a painful time for us but your help made things easier.

A special thanks for your offer to take Jamie to your home that night, so he would not be by himself until morning.

We cannot thank you enough.

Dear Dr. Pulczer,

I want to thank you for coming over today and giving us options and hope for Coco's care. I feel so much better knowing that there are a few more things to try before the end.

Thank you also for spending the time to talk to us and explain things thoroughly. Your approach to client care (both human and pet) is patient, caring and intelligent, and I really appreciate that.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needed a mobile vet service.

Dr. Pulczer,

I just wanted to thank you for coming out to see my little squirmy kitty and for all of the suggestions that you gave me. I feel much more relaxed now that you have seen her and feel glad that I have such a caring individual in my corner. You are truly great at what you do and I have never come across another Vet with such a passion for helping people and their animals.

I'm on my way right now to the bank to transfer my funds over to my other account, so you will not have a problem cashing the cheque tomorrow.

I will keep you posted on how my little Egyptian Princess is doing but I will be sure not to call you in the middle of the night with that information!!

Thank you so much for everything.

Dear Dr. Pulczer:

This is a belated thank you for responding so quickly to my call on Sunday, January 21st. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your very kind approach to your work. Thank you for being there and being great at what you do for animals. We miss our Zeke tremedously but our last morning together was as beautiful as possible. My best regards.

Dear Dr. Pulczer:

A few weeks ago you mentioned that you had wanted to keep the card that I had sent regarding Bandit, but that it had been thrown out. Ever since, I have been trying unsuccessfully to find a similar card, but have not been able to. Therefore, I have reproduced using the "Readers' Digest" condensed version.

Thanks again, for your concern each time we come in.

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your support and the hug the other day - it was somehow just what I needed. You seem to be a unique, intriguing individual and I like that. You're also a great vet, so… Beetle and I will see you next year for her annual check-up.

Thanks again for your kindness

Dear Dr. Andrew Pulczer,

We write to thank you for the kind care and attention you gave to Casey in his final hours… He was our companion and good friend for over thirteen years, and your compassion at the end of his long life is much appreciated.

Most sincerely




I spoke with a gentleman… regarding three German Sheppard dogs who indulged themselves in warfarin. Myself, my husband and my dogs would like to thank you for your advice, care and concern during that conversation. The hydrogen peroxide worked like a charm and the dogs suffered no ill effects. It is extremely reassuring to know that there are people such as yourself that can be called upon during an emergency. We can't thank you enough.

Love from Max, Panzer, and Thunder

A little word of thanks… …for a whole lot of thoughtfulness!

Dr. Pulczer…

Just a quick note, as we would like to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity in Cougar's time of need. It is comforting to know that during his treatments and time spent… he was made as comfortable as possible.

Thanks Again

PS We will see everyone at Cougar's next appointment.


Just a note to truly thank you for your dedication, concern, answering my late-night advise calls, and taking great care of Hoover, in his last month. We miss him more than I could possibly imagine, but he is now at peace… in "Cookie Heaven!"


Dr. Andrew Pulczer & Staff

Thank you



Dear Dr. Andrew Pulczer & staff,

In every situation,
you know just what to do.
You have that very special touch
that's so uniquely you.
And now I want to thank you
for all the love expressed
by all the little things you do
to bring others

Thank you for all your efforts and note.
Jewels will always be in our hearts.

Dear Andrew,

Your kindness and professional attitude toward Kirby was greatly appreciated. The sedative idea worked perfectly. To say goodbye to such a great friend and companion was so very difficult and you helped us both through that transition.

Thank you so much


Try and take a moment to enjoy. This is a really great wine. Our best yet.

Thanks again for your concern and help with Midnight.

Dear Dr. Pulczer

This is just a card to saying thank you for all your concern towards Smokey and now Spooks. I appreciate all the time you took to answer my questions.

Thanks again

Thank you Dr. Pulczer… Sweet Pea's still hugely missed by all and thanks for all your compassion at that time as well as the lovely card and returning to bring those items of hers… which I'm sure will be of consolation for us in the future so thanks very much.

Dear Andrew,

I received your wonderful and touching card yesterday and it gave me much consolation. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, not only for your card, but for your kindness and care in euthanizing Harold and Princess. Yes, it was a very difficult decision for me to make, but I did not want to see these wonderful animals suffer in the short or long term of their lives. They have been the most wonderful companions to me for such a long time and they were always so forgiving and loving in their acceptance of me as their owner/caregiver. If the truth be known, they "owned" me and they "cared" for me. I admit they are still here, hanging around in spirit and in the many comfy and secret "hidey places" they used to find here in this apartment. Every little noise I hear makes me think they are still with me and my habit of listening for them and wondering what they are up to will probably linger with me for some time. However, I know this was the right decision on my part, and I couldn't have chosen a better person to assist me with making this decision. Thank you, Andrew. I wish you all the best in your veterinary practice. I know that you are a person of integrity in your professional duties and in your care of animals. It was great to meet you - albeit under such sad circumstances.

Best regards.

Dear Andrew,

I just wanted to take a moment to thanks you for your warm & empathetic manner during Morgan's last day. It was clear that you were comfortable with the intensity of emotion that goes along with saying goodbye to a dear animal companion, and that made it very easy for me to be very present for Morgan and with my own feelings. Thanks again for the time and care that you took.

All the best.

Dear Dr. Andrew,

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of Elbie & myself. Your help and expertise undoubtedly saved little Elbie's life. I was able to relax knowing she was in your care. I know how far you've gone out of your way to help us. I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I was also touched by your generosity in dealing with our bill. Without your help I would have been unable to continue with her diagnostics and treatment. I don't know how I can ever truly thank you. I just hope that I can one day be half the vet you are. One of the many lessons I have learnt from you is to always act ethically. This you've taught not only by words but also through your actions.

Thank you so much.


Thanks for coming down and filling in for me. My clients and staff had a good time with you here.


Dear Dr. Pulczer,

Your high professionalism and kind care for Rocky made a huge positive difference for him in his sunset years. You always considered Rocky's best interest and we appreciate your help and attention. We also thank you for your kind words and compassion.

Hi Andrew, so here is the testimonial I would like you to post on your website… and thank you…

We knew as a family we would one day have to say goodbye to our sweet Sheena. She was 14, became very ill with cancer and within a month, her quality of life changed drastically. However, nothing prepared us for the weekend we had to say goodbye to her. Nothing, that is, except a wonderful veterinarian, with a heart of gold, Dr. Andrew Pulczer. His patience and understanding helped us to accept our decision as "the right one for Sheena". Dr. Pulczer was kind, gentle, intuitive and oh, so wise… having Dr. Pulczer come to our home was a blessing… Sheena was comfortable with him, not afraid or anxious. Goodbye was sad and beautiful. I think Dr. Pulczer cried right along with us. We knew Sheena was in caring hands through her entire journey. Dr. Pulczer's follow-up with our family was wonderful also, so kind with our children, we truly knew how much he cared. We thank you, Dr. Pulczer, for creating the peace and comfort we needed to say goodbye to our sweet collie, we won't ever forget your kindness.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew -

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you so much for the card you sent on Monday. As hard as it was to let Micah go, you made it as easy as possible and your card (although it made me cry SO much!) was very comforting. Thank you for your kindness and patience - I can't imagine having to do what we did, any other way. Saying goodbye to her was so hard, but you helped us be sure it was the right thing to do, and I am so grateful we were able to be at home with her and have such a patient, understanding vet to help us through.

Thank you again.

Dr. Pulczer,

… and I wanted to thank you for your visit and the comfort you provided Bailey. Bailey passed away peacefully at home with the aid of her vet… We miss her terribly but were lucky to share her life.

Thanks again for your care and compassion.

Thanks you Dr. Pulczer,

Your kindness and compassion were much appreciated in this dark hour, relieving Mazy from her suffering.

Best regards.

Dear Dr. Pulczer,

Please, allow us to say thank you for being there for Amour and for us in her last hours. We feel that not disturbing her and being surrounded by family made her leave much nicer. She was so peaceful, it was really touching. Your card with the beautiful poem gives us comfort. We will hang her lovely paw-print next to Suzanne's from the Austrian daycare and the little coffin is a fine piece of work. I know, I will have a hard time to busy her ashes one dayÉ She stayed with us for more than 17 years almost as long as our arrival to Canada, keeping us busy with many, most of the time funny adventures. I got used to having cats, dogs and other animals before but none of them has been around for so long. Probably this is why it was so difficult to let her go.

Thanking you again for the patience and understanding you could bear with us.

Hi Dr. Andrew,

Just received your very thoughtful card in the mail. It truly meant so much to us. As thanks (actually, before we received the card), we've told everyone that will listen how great you are! Hope your holidays are joyous and all that :)

Warmest regards.

Hi Dr. Pulczer,

… I wanted to write to thank you for your help and tell you that I think you're a great vet and my experiences with you were very pleasant. You offer a really great service and I know it's stressful sometimes, but the quality of your pet care far exceeds all other dealings I've had with other vets. You're pleasant, knowledgeable, honest and you really seem to careÉ


Hi Andrew

Thanks so much for the lovely card you sent, we keep it on the fireplace mantel with Alley, and often read it. The cremation services were very comforting, and Steve was great, you were right about Gateway, they are very good at what they do.

Thanks again for all of your help in our time of need.

--Dear Andrew!

Thank you very much for your help, for years of being with us, being with Draco, for being a true Friend (for good or bad)!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Hello Andrew,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for coming to our home the other night. I also wanted to send you a posting I put on Facebook, to let you know that I was so appreciative of how much time you spent with us, that I am encouraging anyone in a our situation to call you. Please feel free to post this on your website if you have a section for patient experiences.

Hope you are well, and we look forward to seeing you when you return Tampa home.

This week Caesar lost his best friend. Tampa was a beautiful and affectionate dog, whose personality and spirit was a joy to be around. Everyone knows that my use of Facebook is minimal which is why I hope everyone takes the time to read this. Tampa passed in her home, on her bed, with dignity, surrounded by people who loved her in the middle of the night. This would not have been possible without Dr. Andrew Pulczer ( Dr. Pulczer traveled from Richmond Hill to Toronto in the middle of the night with 5 minutes notice, and made the most difficult moment in every pet owners life as comfortable as humanly possible. His compassion, knowledge, and patience was fantastic, and I feel atypical for the industry. I want everyone to know about him, so please if you or someone you know are ever in this situation call me for his info (day or night) or go to the website above. While it never seems fair or right when your pet is passing, we all eventually have to deal with this situation. The unconditional love that our pets provide throughout their lives deserves Dr. Pulczer's thoroughness and compassion.

Thanks for reading dudes, and squish your pets a little more today :)

Dear Doctor Pulczer: My husband and I agree you are a rare human being. To come to our home, in the middle of the night, in the worst snow storm in four years, speaks volumes of your dedication to the animal kingdom. Your kind reassuring way helped us beyond measure, at what is the worst time of a pet owner. To just say "thank you" seems weak. Our hearts are with you as you handle your own beloved pet's condition.

Thank you Andrew.